The Ultimate Everplus Portable Camping Battery Guide!

In the growing world of portable power solutions, Shenzhen Everplus Technology has been a beacon of innovation since its establishment in 2012. This guide aims to highlight the prowess of Everplus, focusing on crafting portable camping battery.

Our portable camping battery is designed and equipped with efficient electricity management systems and promises an eventful camping experience!

With that said, why choose our portable camping battery?

Efficient Portability for On-the-Go Power

Everplus’ commitment to crafting a portable camping battery shines with features like compact design and lightweight build. You have the freedom to power up your camping adventures effortlessly, whether you’re hiking through nature or setting up camp in the wilderness.

Versatile Charging Methods

An Everplus portable camping battery supports multiple charging methods, including AC, Solar, Car, and PD. This versatility ensures that you stay powered up, regardless of your location or available resources, making your camping trips stress-free and enjoyable.

The highlight of these batteries is their solar charging capability. This usage of eco-friendly technology allows you to harness the power of the sun to keep your battery charged during daylight hours, providing a sustainable and renewable energy source for your camping needs. This feature not only extends your battery life but also aligns with environmentally conscious practices.

camping portable power bank

Multiple Output Options for a Range of Devices

Explore the diverse output options provided by an Everplus portable camping battery, including USB-C PD, USB-A QC, and 5V outputs. With these features, you can charge a variety of devices simultaneously, from smartphones to camping gadgets, ensuring that you have the power you need for all your electronic essentials.

Convenient Accessories Enhancing User Experience

An Everplus portable camping battery comes complete with accessories that enhance your overall user experience. From AC adapters to car charging cables, these batteries are equipped with everything you need for a seamless power supply during your outdoor adventures.

 Wireless Charging for Added Convenience

Experience the convenience of wireless charging with Everplus batteries that feature a built-in 10W wireless charger. No need for tangled cables so enjoy the ease of powering up your devices with the latest wireless technology, adding a modern touch to your camping setup and freeing up space in your backpacks.

Global Certifications for Reliability

Rest assured with Everplus’ commitment to global certifications, including CE, FCC, PSE, ICES, CA Prop 65, RoHS, and ETL. These certifications highlight the reliability and safety of Everplus Portable Camping Batteries, ensuring a worry-free power source for your camping journeys.


In conclusion, Shenzhen Everplus Technology not only provides cutting-edge power solutions but ensures that each product is reliable and innovative. With a commitment to global certifications and a range catering to diverse needs like endless hiking in the wilderness, our portable camping battery stands as your ally with portable power. Whether you’re camping, on a road trip, or facing a power outage, Everplus is your trusted companion, ensuring you stay connected and charged, empowering your ventures, anywhere, anytime.

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