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EPB 2400 Portable power station 2400W 2496Wh

· 7-30 days fast delivery
· OEM & ODM Service
· Global certifications


· Capacity: 2400W | 2496Wh AC Output
· Input: AC 1200W/MPPT 650W 12-80V
· Output: USB-C PD100W x2/USB-A QC3.0 x2
· Wireless Charger: 10Wx2
· Weight: 24.75kg
· Dimensions: 500*290*270mm
· Accessories: AC charging cable/Car DC 12V charging cable/User Manual
· Certidications: CE/FCC/PSE/ICES/CA Prop 65/RoHs

User Manual

EPB 2400 Portable Power Station

2400W | 2496Wh

LiFePo4 battery, continue to provide you with security

Portable power station

Power You Can Always Rely On

Portable power station

All in one

14 output ports, including DC cigarette lighter outlet, USB outlet, and AC outlet, you can easily

use a variety of electrical devices.

Portable power station

Faster charging and ready to go

2 hours AC full charge, only need an AC cable, easy to charge. And you can choose solar panels,

650W MPPT support efficient charging, save your waiting time. Ready to use, ready to go

Portable power station

R&D team to provide you with personalized

product customization

Support OEM&ODM, design new products for you

Portable power station

Empowering the Future: The EPB 2400 Portable Power Station

Introducing the EPB 2400 Portable Power Station, a cutting-edge solution for powering your adventures, emergencies, and everyday needs. At EPB, we pride ourselves on engineering innovative solutions to meet the evolving energy needs of our customers.

The EPB 2400W Power Station emerges amidst a significant trend in developing portable power solutions. As societies increasingly prioritise sustainability and resilience, there’s a growing demand for reliable, eco-friendly energy sources that adapt to diverse needs and environments. This trend stems from a global shift towards embracing renewable energy and reducing dependence on traditional power sources. EPB, recognising this trend early on, has been at the forefront of developing innovative energy solutions.

The EPB 2400W Portable Power Station isn’t just a device, it’s a game-changer for those seeking reliable, versatile, and eco-friendly energy solutions. One of its key benefits lies in its high capacity, boasting a robust 2400W output and a staggering 2496Wh of AC power. At EPB, we ensure that wherever your adventures take you, whether off-grid camping, road-tripping, or simply dealing with unexpected power outages, the EPB 2400W Portable Power Station has you covered with uninterrupted energy.

Furthermore, EPB 2400W Portable Power Station versatility is unmatched. With multiple input options, including AC 1200W and MPPT 650W, spanning a wide voltage range from 12-80V, and output capabilities such as USB-C PD100W x2, USB-A QC3.0 x2, and a wireless charger delivering 10Wx2, this power station caters to a variety of devices simultaneously. From charging phones and laptops to powering lights and medical devices, the EPB 2400W Power Station seamlessly adapts to diverse scenarios, making it a must-have for campers, RV enthusiasts, homeowners, and professionals alike.

Weighing just 24.75kg and compactly sized at 500*290*270mm, the EPB 2400W Power Station is designed for convenience without compromising power. Its portability ensures you can take it wherever you go, whether to remote campsites or on long road trips. It provides peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable energy source.

Moreover, the EPB 2400W Power Station is robust but also safe and reliable. With global certifications including CE, FCC, PSE, ICES, CA Prop 65, and RoHS, users can trust its quality and adhere to safety standards. Including essential accessories like the AC charging cable, car DC 12V charging cable, and user manual further enhances EPB 2400W Portable Power Station’s ease of use, ensuring hassle-free operation in any situation.

Join the sustainable energy revolution today and experience uninterrupted power wherever you go. Choose reliability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Choose EPB 2400W Power Station now and embrace a brighter, more sustainable future.

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