SMT mounting capacity: 15 million points/day, with 10 intelligent automatic production lines. Automatic printing machine With the alignment system, fix point image automatic correction and positioning ,Automatic track width adjustment and PCB parking position software control. High speed 3D SPI Machine ,Optical monitoring system: Color 5 million pixel CCD reflow soldering:ten heating zones above and below two cooling zones,chain speed: 300-2000mm/min MES traceability system: Warehouse management, pcba check, red glue, solder paste management, steel mesh. Scraper management, feed error prevention, production traceability, production real-time monitoring, total quality management Independent research and development of adhesive and dispensing machine,12 national patent applications,Awarded IATF16949 certification;

Mold Injection

Factory have injection molding workshop Completely closed dust-free injection molding workshop Two color molding injection workshop MIM workshop coating equipment:Automatic control of the coating line,UV coating production line, Manual spraying line Air shower room High voltage electrostatic dust removal cabinet Screen printing production line:Pad Printing Machine,hot melt machine,gold stamping machine,UV light fixing machine Mold equipment: Forming spark machine, automatic milling machine, forming grinder, surface grinder, rotary arm drilling machine, lathe, mirror spark machine, CNC, engraving machine, precision grinding machine
Laboratory testing equipment:Falling ball tester;Precision height gauge;Color spectrometer;rubber hardometer,tubular inside micrometers;Adhesion testing machine,force gaugePencil hardness tester,plug gauge,Rubber Abrasin Tester;Thickness meter;torsionmeter;durometer

Assembly Aging

In order to make sure the stability of the product function,
Our assembly process begins with IQC cell inspection and ends with OQC finished product sampling.
In middle which includes Cell capacity separation – Cell on-line test -PCBA test – Semi-finished product test –
Battery pack aging – Battery pack testing – Whole machine assembly – Whole machine aging test – Finished product test – Finished product inspection.

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