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Solar Energy Storage System 5KWH
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Eificient solar energy generator for home by EPB

EPB is a well-known provider of solar energy generator for homes. Since the establishment of the company, EPB has been known for its efficient quality of products. The main goal of EPB is to develop the high voltage lithium battery industry and we have been doing it for a long time with our high quality products. We have different kinds of home solar battery storage systems in our collection. From fast-charging portable power stations to household power systems, EPB has everything covered. 

Portable power station

Home solar generator parameters

Specifically talking about the solar energy generator for home, we have 5 KWH to 10 KWH power systems. They have attractive designs and compact sizes perfect for regular and long-term usage. They are made with a high voltage lithium battery for best performance. We generally use LiFePO4 batteries in the making of these energy systems. The battery capacity for a 5 KWH solar energy generator for homes is 100AH and for 10 KWH systems, the battery capacity is 200AH. The battery voltage rate of these products is 51.2V and the working voltage range is between 44.8 and 57.6V.

High charge and discharge rates

These home solar battery storage systems have a high charging and discharging rate. The maximum charging rate of these devices is 100A and the discharging rate can vary between 100A to 200A. The parallel quantity of our 5KWH high voltage lithium battery is 4 and for 10KWH devices, the number is 9. They also come with an increased designed lifespan of 6000 cycles.

Strict quality standards

Talking about the quality of our solar energy generator for homes, they are tested under strict company standards. We follow a strict quality standard and all of the products have to pass the quality check before shipping. If any product is rejected in the quality check it is not sent for shipping and it stays in the factory.

Global supply, fast delivery

All of our products including the home solar battery storage are globally certified. We also have OEM and ODM services for customers with different requirements. Customers can provide their requirements and our experienced R&D team will do their best to provide all the qualities customers are looking for. EPB also ensures fast delivery between 7 to 30 days depending on the location.

Household Power

To learn more about our solar energy generator for home or to order our home solar battery storage, please contact us at +86-0755-29005403 or E-mail us at

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