Everplus show at the 26th Solar Show Africa 2023

From April 25th to April 26th, the Solar Show Africa 2023 was grandly held at the South Africa-Johannesburg-Sandton Convention Center. Shenzhen Everplus Technology presented the latest series of portable power stations and solutions, which received wide attention and praise.


As one of the largest and most influential solar energy industry events in South Africa, Solar Energy South Africa has become the most mature exhibition in South Africa’s new energy industry. The total area of this exhibition is 26,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors and brands is as high as 400+, and the number of exhibitors is 20,000+.

The energy shortage in South Africa is gradually worsening, and the power supply continues to be tight. There are frequent nationwide power shortages, and the lives of local residents are facing huge challenges. During the exhibition, Shenzhen Everplus Technology launched a new generation of portable power stations and solar panels, which aroused strong interest and widespread attention from exhibitors. Energy storage power products from 200W to 3600W, and foldable solar panels, all focus on the core features of high-efficiency output, easy to use, green, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. The 200W-1500W PPS are light and compact, easy to carry indoors and outdoors, and occupy a small area. Power for notebooks, mobile phones, wifi, TVs and other products, and provide emergency power for local residents in case of power outages to meet daily needs. 1000W-3600W fast charging series products, fast charging within 2-3 hours, and can be used immediately. At the same time, it has UPS function, which is suitable for the daily electricity consumption habits in South Africa.


At the exhibition site, Everplus interacted with new and old customers, explained the latest products and application scenarios, and explored the development prospects and trends of the industry. We always adhere to the concept of customer-centric, and the quality of products and services go hand in hand. Inject new vitality into the local thriving new energy storage market with excellent products.


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