Are Portable Battery Power Stations Worth It?

Portable battery power stations are worth every penny and that’s why they have been trending of late especially in camping communities. Nothing outshines the convenience and versatility that a portable power station brings in.

For seasonal travelers, especially those in the 4WD, having a portable power station is a great option for outdoor activities. So, if you were wondering if investing in portable power stations in your business is worth it, this is the best-in-demand tool that you can opt for.

At Shenzhen Everplus Technology Company, we believe that for a great outdoor experience, you need convenient and versatile tools. This is why, we have a great collection of portable power stations. So, why choose a portable power station? This is what you will find out in this article.

What is a portable battery power station exactly?

This is a compact, powerful, and portable rechargeable battery that can be used to power different devices and appliances simultaneously. The difference between a power station and a power bank is the storage capacity and features. With a mobile power station, various devices can be charged even while in remote areas.

Additionally, these devices can also act as power source backups during emergencies or blackouts. Portable power stations are rechargeable with have built-in inverters that convert electrical energy to AC/DC power. This makes it more efficient for use.

portable power station solar

Advantages of portable battery power station

As mentioned earlier, the greatest advantage of using a portable power station is its versatility when it comes to charging options. You can recharge it using solar panels and AC mains and keep all devices powered.

One of the most interesting things about portable power stations is the battery durability and that is what sets Everplus Technology Company power stations apart. Our LifePO4 batteries are safe and durable with a lifespan of 10+ years. This means there will be no need to purchase another device or do a replacement as our products run efficiently and effectively.


Are there any associated disadvantages?

This is what most people think about but it’s pretty difficult to find a downside of it. With all the benefits involved, power stations are portable, easy to charge, and make it a perfect practical solution for those in search of a reliable power source.

When it comes to safety, portable power stations are extremely safe if used properly. They have no emissions and are also quieter than generators. So, you can use these devices both indoors and outdoors.


Why choose a portable battery power station from Everplus Technology?

When you choose a fast-charging portable power station from us, here are some of the benefits to enjoy;

  • Fast charging ability of 2 hours AC fully charging
  • A high battery capacity from 1166Wh to 3600Wh to power large appliances
  • Versatile outputs such as USB ports, AC outlets, and DC ports
  • Lightweight design with the biggest weighing 40kgs and the smallest weighing 3.2kg
  • Has a built-in UPS function so there will be an uninterrupted power supply

So, if you need expert advice on any of our fast-charging portable power stations, our power experts are ready to guide you through our different products. We also offer personalized product customization, just get in touch.


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